Jilynn Hess DC, MS better know as Dr. J, has always seen herself as a dreamer.  Dr. J grew up in this tiny, country town and has set out with a vision to expand the community's knowledge about health and wellness.  She jokes she would like to turn Grampian into a happy, hippie town where everyone is growing their own gardens, munching on homemade granola, and running down the streets with their children.


Dr. J tries to instill and inspire healthy vibes in each day. She mixes her knowledge of sports medicine and a nutritional background to take a very functional approach to care.  Each patient is treated like an athlete in their own right, with the goal to make them move better at what ever they do.

Working with everyone from Olympic and professional athletes to newborn babies and the disabled has allowed Dr. J to stay forever evolving in her practice.  She specializes in reflexive techniques and functional movement called dynamic exercises that help to accelerate healing from the brain, which goes beyond just an adjustment.  Pregnant women happen to be some of her favorite patients and she uses a specific chiropractic technique to aide in proper baby positions and ease of labor.  All of her patients receive a treatment plan tailored to the individual. Utilization of these different techniques helps provide the tools to create an effective treatment plan to get them heathly, happy, and active as quickly as possible.


Dr. J loves to travel and has used her love for travel to expand her working knowledge. One of the most influential trips was her six week Master's Degree internship to Israel; within the promised land she learned that the power of touch is so healing that it may transcend any language or communication boundaries.


One thing is for sure, Dr. J has found both her passion and place in this world.  When she is not working on those dreams she enjoys being outdoors, paddleboarding, riding dirtbikes, and trail running.  Dr. J is not only an adventure junky, but loves fitness and has a slight obsession with Yoga.  She attributes all of her drive, motivation and inspiration to her amazing parents and loving husband!